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Frozen discovery of Nantes

I have visited Nantes with some friends the last weekend, but god it was freezing outside and on Sunday, no pub was open!

It’s a beautiful city, I liked it right when we arrived at the train station, it was modern, clean, quite different from Paris.

We walked something between 18 or 20 km in two days it was fun except for the cold wind! I have never been so cold in my life. 🥶

Obviously when I got back home, I was sick…

But I have good memories of this little trip with my friends and another city to my list of potential destination when I’ll leave Paris.

Nantes is a city driven by art. We saw murals, sculptures, shapes and of course the animatronics.

The Saturday afternoon we visited a little garden in the middle of the city that I fell in love with. It is inspired by the Japanese zen garden, I want one in my future house.

The sound of water, the wind in those little tree, it was so relaxing.

Saturday we had dinner in a very good and very nice little restaurant which has the particularity of hiring disabled people as waiters.

The two girls who served us throughout the evening have Down syndrome and the whole restaurant is adapted to them, I found that incredible. My uncle having Down syndrome is something that touches me and makes me happy to see.

The menu was on little paper cards. We had 2 paper cards for the starter, 2 paper cards for the main course and 3 paper cards for the dessert. When our choice was made, we had to stamp plastic cards to say who took a particular course, starter or dessert.

If you visit Nantes, I recommend the restaurant Le Reflet!

Sunday morning, we had brunch in a very cool little restaurant: Billie’s. The decor was very English, there were pictures and little statues of the Queen everywhere. I have never eaten so well as this morning…

Photo de Paul Robein

I am on the left with an English breakfasts, some toasts, an orange juice, a hot chocolate and some cheese. I could have eaten there all day…

And thank god we had this brunch because Sunday morning it was freezing outside (-4°). We visited another part of the city in the afternoon but we ended up taking refuge in a bar because we were too cold. The problem is that on Sundays, there are not many people outside in Nantes and many pubs only serve food and not drink for some reason.

After looking for a while we managed to find one that was almost empty but very quiet and friendly where we could drink tea and play cards while waiting for our train which left at 6 p.m.

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