Axel Charpentier

Daily blogging


My name is Axel Charpentier, I am 27 years old at the moment and I am a web developer based near Paris.

My favorite language is PHP (forever ❤️) and I mostly use Laravel because for me it is the best framework in the world. It is because of the code and features it provide but above all for his beautiful community.

I also use JavaScript (obviously…) with VueJS mostly but recently I started using AlpineJS and I love it! For a backend developer like me it is the best tool combine with Livewire.

I don’t write CSS anymore, why bother I have TailwindCSS.

So there you have it: TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Livewire, Laravel. The TALL stack helps me build most of my projects these days.

I also use Figma a lot personally. I love this application. But yes, Photoshop can still do the job… painfully (😅).

Anyway, that’s it for my web developer side. If you want to know more, go to my Linkedin profile.

As a human being, I try to make some small things to help the world. Sorting my trash cans, donating to associations, helping the homeless, picking up other people’s waste when I go for a walk in the forest.

These are simple little things but I always try to invest myself more.

For a year, I try to visit more places in France to get to know my country. There are really beautiful cities and beautiful landscapes here. I visited Reims, Nantes, the landing beaches, Rennes and some others.